2011. nov. 26.

VS. #01 - eyeshadow bases

When you're looking for a product with a certain function after a few hours of browsing only 2-3 products remain for consideration.
I myself can spend hours if not days with agonizing wich product should I buy after all.
You can find pretty neat reviews wich ones give you a good overall picture of the product, why it is good or why it is not worth your attention. But in most cases these reviews don't point out the differences between two brands.
With this VS. series I'd like to ease your wallowing in cluelessness so you can decide more easily wich cosmetic product is the most suitable for you.

As you can see this blog is written in Hungarian. If  a blog is bilingual, usually the English part comes in a mixed languaged post.
I find it more practical if  I write the English entries seperated from my native languaged posts. It makes easier both for you and for me aswell.

Here's my first review. I hope you'll find it helpful :)

VS. #01 - Szemhéjalapozók: MAC vs. NYX

painterly paint pot
HD eyeshadow base

It comes in a little glass jar. The amount can be deceiving because in this case a little comes on a long way. You need to apply only a tiny bit of the stuff either with a brush or you can use your fingers too.
Content: 5g
4 / 5
The packing is similar to the mascaras' packing. There's a sponge ended applicator in the tube what makes very easy the application. Using your finger is the simpliest way for blending.
Content: 8g
5 / 5

Skin toned. It has a very good coverage. You can achieve a nice, even-colored skinsurface.
Because of its good covering effect you can use it as a concealer.
5 / 5
Skin toned with a very light coverage.
It does not hide blemishes.

3,5 / 5

The consistency of the material is very dense, almost solid. It goes on more smoothly if you warm it up a little bit.
If you have a dry skin, it is smart to use a small amount of a moisturizer before usage.
4 / 5
It's texture is quite creamy, goes on smoothly on your eyelid. Blending is effortless, does not dries out the skin.

5 / 5

Lasting power
No creasing, no smudging: eyeshadows stick like glue for 8-10 hours.
5 / 5
Same properties here!

5 / 5

4 / 5
5 / 5

  • very good coverage, can be used as a concealer
  • long-lasting
  • despite of the little content it is sufficient for a long time
  • packing is practical
  • good price
  • long-lasting

  • blending can be difficult
  • pricey
  • -


*The prizes come from the official sites of the products .

PERSONAL OPINION:  My first eyeshadow base was Mac's paint pot, wich I use almost for a year now. NYX eyeshadow base is pretty new to me, I got it 2 months ago. I'm not yet into it at this time.
Maybe it is just a matter of habit. but my vote goes for Mac painterly paint pot. Sometimes I have very bad dark circles and it evens my skin on my eyelid and under my eyes very well.

But ladies, we're speaking about making the eye makeup long lasting and preventing eyeshadow from creasing here.
If we take this attribution both are doing a great job and that's because I gave them the same rating.

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